6D Solutions has been developing for 30 years specific coated glass fibre grids made in France and in the USA for the asphalt reinforcement.

Cidex grids are used in more than 30 countries, and more than 35 millions square meters have been applied.

Activities: Two approaches were done in order to validate this technique of reinforcement: in one hand a laboratory time in order to obtain a good estimate of what a reinforcement can bring, and in the other hand especially a pragmatic approcach, with works on roads followed very near.

The main problems which can be solved are:
– Cracks due to the thermal movement of the rigid pavements structure
– Cracks due to road widening.
– Cracks due to fatigue of flexible structures.
– Deflexion of flexible structure due to poor ground condition or due to insufficient design or due to increasing traffic volume and axle weight.
– Swelling of roadway.
– Waterproofing of the roadways.

– Cidex gives a strong improvement on the fatigue properties of the asphalt structure. It shows that the elasticity capacity of the asphalt structure can be increased by more than 10% at 1 million load repetitions, based on the French program ALIZE road design, according to the European standard 15381.
– The specific design of Cidex gives its structural properties.
– The 6D Solutions area team managers is at the service of the contractors to teach and to help during application process, which is of most importance.
– 6D Solutions works under the Quality Management Certification ISO 9001.
– Cidex is CE marked according the European standard 15 381.


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